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BYRD Consulting offers management consulting services that elevate your financial strategy, help your company overcome challenges, accelerate growth, raise capital, increase shareholder value, and help your business succeed. 

We bridge the gap between outsourced book keepers, the entrepreneurs and the board of directors. We help transform raw data from various departments of the business into insightful information.

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Our Expertise

Business Restructure

The Covid-19 crisis is driving your business into ICU? You want professional support to stop your business from bleeding and turn it into a profitable one. We will help you understand your products and services profitability, assess your staffing, your capital structure, your market fit and competitive landscape, amongst other. We will then derive a strategy and an action plan to get you back into the green. 

Business Valuation

You wish to grow your business and would like to acquire a competitor, a supplier or complementary business? You are reaching the end of your career and you are not sure on how to pass on the torch, and you are considering selling your operations? We can help you make sense of how much to spend on this acquisition of how much to ask to sell your business to an interested party without losing too much.

Feasibility Studies and 
​Business Plans

Whether you want to start a new business or understand the implication of launching a new service within your company, it would be wise to test it on “paper” before taking the plunge. We are here to help you build an interactive financial model to stress test various variables and scenarios to determine cash flow requirements and break-even points.

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