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The Covid-19 crisis is driving your business into ICU? You want professional support to stop your business from bleeding and turn it into a profitable one. We will help you understand your products and services profitability, assess your staffing, your capital structure, your market fit and competitive landscape, amongst other. We will then derive a strategy and an action plan to get you back into the green. 


You wish to grow your business and would like to acquire a competitor, a supplier or complementary business? You are reaching the end of your career and are not sure on how to pass on the torch? We can help you make sense of how much to spend on an acquisition or how much to sell your business for.

Feasibility Studies and 
​Business Plans

Whether you want to start a new business or understand the implication of launching a new service within your company, it would be wise to test it on “paper” before taking the plunge. We are here to help you build an interactive financial model to stress test various variables and scenarios to determine cash flow requirements and break-even points.

Real Estate ​​Development Feasibility

You have a real estate project in mind? Or a plot of land that you want to develop? We can help you understand the initial costs surrounding real estate developments, set up budgets, land or building prices, define your cash flow requirements and find the best leverage ratio for your project.

Business Review

Obtain an external consultant's review of your businesses pain points to be in a better position to challenge the status quo and improve performance. Get an in-depth understanding of potential issues, threats and improvements to ensure sound financial performances, to smoothen potential capital raising initiatives, or enhance growth opportunities.

Health Check

As an entrepreneur, you may struggle to identify the bottlenecks limiting your growth. You may also ask yourself about your company's weaknesses and how to to overcome future challenges. Get an overall high-level business check to understand your business weaknesses or build on your strengths.

& Traction coaching 

Do you have a clear vision but struggle to create traction and achieve your goals? We can help you implement practical tools to accountability, that the right people are put in the right places and progress is measured over time.


You just launched a business but you are not sure about the tools and processes to use, the way forward or general strategy to adopt? We, as entrepreneurs ourselves, understand what it takes to launch a business from scratch and we can help you understand and establish the best path to grow your start-up.

Due Diligence

Are you planning on acquiring a competitors, a supplier or invest in a business? We will assist you in the assessment of the financial health of the target and report our key findings relating to the market drivers, sales strategies, customer relationships and trends to understanding the sustainability of the target's financial performance.

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