Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities

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Project EdTech

Equity Investment

Project EdTech is a  grade 1 to grade 13 educational subscription based website, looking to capitalize on the rise of technology and online learning, by launching online courses for secondary school students, 
while focusing on empowering local communities.

Project Retail

Private placement Note (or potential Equity Investment)

Project retail is an online and physical outlets retail business. 
This business also operates a meat processing plant, a distribution center and a centralized kitchen. 
The Company is looking to develop its action plan and launch a business Reboot plan.

St Martin Creek

Agricultural Land

This agricultural land is nestled between river & mountain and is located in the pristine South of Mauritius.
The land, close to the beach, adjacent to 2 golf courses and luxury gated residential compound, is the perfect site for your weekend camping trips, plant fruit trees or to relax in a calm spot.
Plot sizes range from 50 perches to 1.5 acre.
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