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Understand a company's main Key performance indicators

Understanding and analyzing a company’s performance is tricky if no comparative metrics are used. These metrics are called, within the business world, “Key Performance Indicators” (“KPIs”).

KPIs are quantifiable unit of measures for a company’s performance over time. Getting an understanding of the b...
13 Jul 2022 9:25 - Comment(s)
The 6 elements that make your company’s culture

Do you want to implement change in your company? 
Do you want to understand why a specific project failed when you expected it to be a real success? Or maybe you do not understand why productivity levels are low?

Your organizational culture is one of the key driver behind your company’s success. ...
11 Mar 2022 9:48 - Comment(s)
The 8 key steps for successfully leading change
How to successfully implement change within your company
07 Mar 2022 18:41 - Comment(s)