8 strategic questions to ask yourself before selling your company

Selling your business is often not an easy decision and the entrepreneur/seller often gets influenced by his/her emotions.
Establishing a sale strategy and defining the selling requirements will give a clear path and put emphasis on the end goal.
Asks yourself and answer honestly the fo...

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The power and interest of your stakeholders
The objective of all corporate activities is ought to be the maximization of shareholders’ wealth [Shareholders’ Wealth Maximization principle (SWM)]. Managers and directors need to consider risks and make influential short-term decisions to reach long term goals and ultimately increase the company’...
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4 Situational Leadership styles to motivate your employees 
4 Situational Leadership styles to motivate your employees, increase performance and ensure commitment to the task assigned.
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5 change management styles to adopt when implementing change within your company
Choose the right change management style for your team
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Reading a statement of financial position for non-finance professionals
Get a better understanding on how to interpret a Statement of Financial Position
08 Sep 2022 9:00 - Comment(s)
Reading a statement of profit or loss for non-finance professionals
Financial statements may be overwhelming and tough to understand at first. 
This article will give non-finance professionals a basic understanding on how to read and interpret a statement of profit or loss (“SPL”). 

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Understand a company's main Key performance indicators

Understanding and analyzing a company’s performance is tricky if no comparative metrics are used. These metrics are called, within the business world, “Key Performance Indicators” (“KPIs”).

KPIs are quantifiable unit of measures for a company’s performance over time. Getting an understanding of the b...
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Introduction to Business Valuations

Why should I value my business?

Business valuations, no matter if done on a proactive or reactive basis, brings comfort and added value to shareholders or management of a business.

The reasons for valuing are numerous and from different nature, as shown below: 


  • Financial reporting valuatio...
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The 8 strategies of product positioning
Are you wondering how your product is or should be positioned based on its price and perceived value? How it compares with similar types or products on the market? Or even what potential change in product strategy should be applied to gain additional market share?

Product/Service positioning plays a ...
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The 4 approaches to efficient internal processes 

To ensure efficiency within your team and increase the competitiveness of your business, understanding what business processes are and how they relate to your strategy is key.

A business process is a collection of linked tasks or a series of steps performed with the aim of achieving a specific goal ...

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The 6 elements that make your company’s culture

Do you want to implement change in your company? 
Do you want to understand why a specific project failed when you expected it to be a real success? Or maybe you do not understand why productivity levels are low?

Your organizational culture is one of the key driver behind your company’s success. ...
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The 8 key steps for successfully leading change
How to successfully implement change within your company
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